These Are The 9 Best Female Models In The World

There are a gazillion female models who have walked in major runways but, only a few have gotten recognized over the years. From Naomi Campbell to Gisele Bundchen, those are just but a few of the superwomen in the industry. However, the younger generation has given rise to the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, showing that the industry is still growing. Below is a list of female supermodels in the world, who have beaten all odds to be exceptional and dominate in the game.

1.Miranda Kerr

The Australian supermodel aged 35 rises to fame in 2007 after racing Victoria secret’s show, making her the first Australian to be part of a Victoria Secret campaign. She has gone ahead to launch her skin care products, thanks to the platform provided to her, and released a self-help book. She began modeling at the age of 13 and has ended up being one of the best supermodels in the game.

2. Kendall Jenner

You cannot talk about fashion and modeling in 2019 without mention the one and only Kendall Jenner. Before becoming a recognized supermodel, she first made her debut on a television show, starring in their reality show keeping up with the Kardashian. Yes, she is Kim Kardashian’s sister! She is part of the social media modeling group, which is an emerging fashion movement. After during a couple of commercial ads, Jenner’s fame in modeling did not come up until 2014, and since then, she has modeled for all the famous designers and has been part of high fashion runways.

3. Gigi Hadid

She is the one girl who decided to follow her mother’s footsteps. Yes, Gigi Hadid’s mom was once a model, which is something she instilled in her daughters. Together with her sister Bella Hadid, she has done campaigns for big brands like Fendi, Moschino, Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger and many more. She is a girl who has set her mark in the fashion industry.

4.Cara Delevingne

Born in 1992, Cara started modeling at the age of 10, and that is a passion she has held onto throughout her life. Her career only got better when the founder of Storm Model Management discovered her, giving Cars the chance to work with famous designers such as Dolce & Gabbana. Until today, Cara still participates in a lot of runways, and the platform has helped her venture into acting and still manage to balance her modeling careers.

5.Gisele Bundchen

Gisele was born in Brazil and is one of the models who has been the face of over 20 brands at ago including Nivea and Victoria secrets. She has been listed among the top most influential women of all time and one of the highest paid models of all generations. That makes her top the charts of the best model in the world.

6.Barbara Palvin

The 25-year-old Hungarian fashion model rose to fame after being the cover model for various magazines including Vogue (Portugal), Glamour Hungary and many more. Her first runway debut was in Milan Fashion week in 2010 walking for Prada, and her star has been shining since then, considering that she recently became part of the Victoria secret angels in 2019.

7. Irina Shayk

The 33-year-old model of Russian origin is known to have covered various swimsuit issues, making her get global recognition. She has walked in runways for some of the best designers such as Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg Miu and many more.

8. Karolina Kurkova

She is a Czech Republic model, whose proportions of the face and the body has made her fit in her role as a model. The Vogue editor Anna Wintour called her the next supermodel, meaning she has what it takes to walk through any runways and still give the runway photographers and the audience the right angles of what is being showcased. She has been placed among the top-earning models in the Forbes list, meaning that she is giving both young and old models a run for their money.

9. Rosie Huntington Whiteley

The English supermodel is best known for her work with Victoria secret lingerie, and also being an angels ambassador too, which has given her worldwide recognition. At only 31, the model is also linked to Mark & Spencer, having done a couple of projects with them.

6 Incredible Tips That Every Modelling Beginner Should Know

Modeling is not meant for everyone, and even those who are passionate about it freak out at times. That is why you have to master the art of posing for photographs, walking on the runway, and other things a model should do. So, are you the type that wants to find fame and fortune in front of a lens? You should master how to use your natural confidence and beauty to create incredible images that everyone can look at and admire. Since the world is full of attractive and tall people who can easily fill the post, find out how one can stand out, and below are some great tips for beginners.

1.Know The Right Modelling Market

When you are an aspiring model, the first step would be determining what type of a model you want to be, considering that there are a lot of markets to choose from, and select one that fits your needs. It should be a place that gives you the opportunity to succeed in looking at your skills and knowing where they can be best used. Modeling markets include a plus-size market that is suitable for curvaceous people and runway for individuals who are about 5’11 and 6’2. There are also swimwear models and commercial models meant for advertisements, so look for a market that best suits you. Look at your natural attributes and talent to know what is suitable for you.

2.Have An Incredible Portfolio

You have to ensure that people can get enough information about you by looking at the portfolio. There should be resumes, and information that is pleasing to the casting directors, and must include information about the past and the present. That is what gives people jobs; therefore, make your portfolio interesting. Since you do not want to be presenting an empty portfolio to an employer, one must make sure that you invest in some professional images that a person can present to a potential employer.

3.Take Classes To Improve Your Skills

Classes are essential if you want to improve your modeling skills, and it is best to make sure that you join a couple of classes to improve your skills. It is in these places that develop the confidence needed to pose for the shots and be comfortable going interviews. If there is one thing that you feel is holding you from achieving your dream, classes will give you the boost one needs to be successful in life. Taking classes help people develop skills that will be beneficial to your career in the future.

4.Approach Agencies With The Right Attitude

There are a lot of modeling agencies within your area, and one needs to take their time to examine their websites and know of those are people you can trust to offer incredible services to you. Fill in their application forms because that is the only way you can tell if the firm is considering to hire you. Keep your eyes open for open calls which happen from time to time. If you get an interview with the modeling agency to be ready to show them that one is capable of handling the tasks without any problems. Let your confidence shine, and the team must see that you are in a position of shooting in front of a camera.

5.Ensure You Are Professional And Reliable

Modeling is a business like any other, and a person should not take the job lightly. If you have been booked for a shoot, it is best to show up in time and if one will be late, let these people know from the beginning. Do everything as a professional and never call to cancel the last minute, as that makes you unreliable. Your reputation needs to be strong from the start if one wants to last long in the industry.

6.Take Care Of Yourself

Part of being a model is having a good body and ensuring your skin looks incredible always. You have to learn about nutrition and the best skincare products, which means that one needs to take care of their body more than an average person. A person needs to have discipline when it comes to their lifestyle; therefore, be willing to eat good food and exercise regularly to keep your body in great condition always.