Find Out The 9 Biggest Events Venues In Florida

Are you planning an event that requires a huge number of people? There are a lot of places in Florida from hotel ballrooms, convention centers, clubs, auditoriums, and many more depending on the capacity needed. Again, the choice is dependent on what event one is hosting. A lot of people want their clients to know that they are extra, and are willing to go a vast mile to prove it. So, if one is searching for an events venue to wow your audience, here are some places that you should consider.

1. Miami Beach Convention Center Hall D

It is one of the places known for hosting some of the notable Miami biggest venues considering it is 132, 990 square foot and can host a capacity of about 13,300 guests. If your event is that big, that is a place to consider. The center is located near Miami international airport and surrounded by beautiful beaches. It is the place where Muhammad Ali defeated Sonny Liston during his first heavyweight championship. Who would not want to host their event in a center that has held such a memorable event?

2. Ice Palace Studios

It is a facility that can host up to 10,000 people for one event and has hosted major events such as the winter music conference. It is also a place to hold birthday parties and celebrity events, weddings, corporate shows, and events. Again, that is a place where Rock of ages was shot from; therefore, could be an incredible joint, for someone with a huge number of people coming for the event.

3. The Acre Orlando

If you are the person who loves bringing your outdoor, indoor theme to your events, this is the place to be. The sight of nature makes the place welcoming, and there is a lot that could help in making your event special. The simple, unique bungalow vibe works perfectly for you, and it provides guests with intricate outdoor space that works for them.

4. Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista

Located in a place with many Disney properties, it is a unique place to host both corporate events and family reunions, considering that it is sitting on 78,000 square feet, thus giving enough space for meetings. Besides the meeting space, there are patios and pools to work with if, for instance, you have gone for a corporate getaway retreat.

5. The Moore Building

The building is a former furniture showroom that was designed in 1921 and can accommodate up to 4, 400 guests for reception making it suitable for weddings, fashion shows, and private dinners. The place is an architectural work of art making the building magic, and its beauty could leave the guests happy.

6. The Fillmore Miami Beach

The place has earned a reputation of bringing incredible musical arts and theatrical shows to Miami Beach, and over time, it has transformed to be a space where weddings, conferences, fundraisers and video shoot happens. It can be a great space to rent based on the number of people expected for the event. The theater capacity can host up to 2,462, and the venue up to 2,713, while orchestra pit could hold around 392 people without affecting the stage. Big enough, right?

7. Busch Gardens And Adventure Island

The facility is best known for holding family-friendly and fun activities, and the venue offers people a lot of options for hosting and entertaining guests, private dinner choices, and there are also animal encounters. It is a top event venue for someone looking forward to wow-ing their guests because of the different activities that can all be done in one place.

8. Armature Works

When you are the type that loves exposed bricks and sleek hardwood floors, then this is a place you should consider visiting. It is a place that can host about 700 guests, and what makes it fun is the fact that this venue combines both art and technology. It also gives people both indoor and outdoor experiences, and that is something magic which one cannot replace.

9. American Social

The venue can host up to 800 guests giving them a lot of options when it comes to dining venues and music-centric. It is a perfect place for any person looking forward to hosting intimate occasions because of the private dining option. There is a private bar, for a small group, but if your gathering is a bit large, patio bar serves the purpose.

The Ritz Theatre: a History Worth Knowing

The Ritz theatre dates back to the year 1883, when the main structure of the theatre was constructed. Of course, it was not a theatre then. It was more of a place where goods like cigars and supplies for plumbing were made.
• In the year 1913, George Cohen bought over this building. It was then renamed Cohen’s Opera House which became functional in the month of February. This place was an open ground for talent shows ranging from singers, dancers, theatre groups etc.

• In the year 1926, this place was again renamed as the State Theatre. In 1933, the theatre was bought over by Eugene Levy. This was when great performances started taking place at the theatre.

• In the year 1940, the Ritz theatre hosted Frank Sinatra.

• This theatre is very well known for being the grounds where the stage debut of actress Lucille Ball took place. This happened in the year 1941 when she gave her maiden performance on stage along with her husband.

• Post this, the Ritz theatre functioned as a stop gap facility. The Paramount Theatre in New York started using this theatre as a testing ground. So various acts were run here and based on the performance here, they were taken to New York City.

• During 1960, a slowdown hit the theatre. Lesser people began frequenting the theatre and its shows.

• Then came 1969 where the Ritz theatre actually shut down. The place then hosted two cinemas. The stage was removed. However, due to vandalism in 1981, both the cinemas had to be shut down.

• In the year 1999, this movie theatre saw glimpses of hope as it was opened again by someone who owned it earlier. But it barely stayed open for a few months. There was absolutely no business and the owner was forced to close it down again.

• In the year 2002, the ownership of the Ritz theatre changed hands to Patricia Haggerty-Wenz who started the renovation of the lobby of the theatre. Simultaneously began the renovation of the Cornerstone Residence located next door.

• In the year 2004, a few scenes from the movie Last Days were shot inside the Ritz theatre.

. In the year 2007, the Ritz theatre was awarded the award called “History Happened Here”. This was in honour of serving as the starting place for the popular sitcom – “I Love Lucy” This award was given by the Parade magazine.

• In the year 2008, the Ritz theatre saw a new era with spectacular performances happening in its newly renovated lobby.

• In the year 2010, Tom Humphrey Guitar series held performances here with award winning artists.
• It was proposed that the Ritz theatre reconstruction will get completed by the end of the year 2014, however, the work is still not over. Once the work is finally completed, it is estimated that the theatre will be able to host close to 825 people.