Driving Miss Daisy, Needed Long Term Care

Driving Miss Daisy was a blockbuster runaway movie hit from the 1980s about a widowed senior lady who had a man who was her driver and confidant. They develop a deep friendship over the course of the movie as they both age. Eventually, after several years pass Hoke, the former driver arrives at Daisy’s house early one morning in 1971 to find Miss Daisy angry and showing signs of Alzheimer’s. Hoke was able to calm Daisy because of their history of a loving friendship. It’s clear that Daisy needs long term care so her family arranges for Daisy to enter a memory care assisted living facility.
Fast forward a couple of years, Hoke is now retired from chauffeuring so one day Hoke drives to the long term care assisted living facility to visit Miss Daisy who at this time is now ninety years old. Although now Miss Daisy is severely affected by her long term care Alzheimer’s condition, the two are still able to reminisce about all the adventures they had together.
This movie brings up a good point for our patrons who are majority seniors. Miss Daisy was very wealthy so she was able to pay for her long term care in the assisted living facility with no problem. However, most people simply don’t have the money to pay for Long Term Care so what are they to do if they end up like Miss Daisy?
We have groups of seniors from assisted living facilities around the city visit our Ritz Theater weekly that has special day trips for their residents from around the state. We show classic movies that they can relate to and have fond memories of. I was talking to the owner of one of those assisted living facilities and asked how his residents pay for this type of service and care. He said there is one company in particular called Genworth long term care insurance that about every other resident has a policy with. I asked him what the heck is Genworth long term care insurance? I’d never heard of it. He said Genworth Long Term Care insurance pays his company the monthly fee as in room and board for the residents who have a policy with them. He said that his assisted living facility charges about $4000 per month per person.
I then asked how long to his residents stay at his place… he said on average about five years! I did some quick math in my head and saw the value of getting a Genworth long term care insurance policy because it pays for his care but also allows the freedom to come do fun visits to theaters like ours. Both my wife and I are in our mid 50’s so I asked him where he heard about Genworth Long Care Insurance because we need to look into that. He gave me this .org company he used: https://www.comparelongtermcare.org/genworth/