These are the Top 10 Fashion Cities in the World

Fashion Cities

When you think of fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is New York, Paris, London, and Milan because of the fashion week. But, did you know that other incredible cities are among the top when it comes to fashion? Since technology and fashion are growing, people are looking beyond the four giants and opening themselves to other international cities that are warming up to fashion. Below are some cities that have set their mark in the fashion world, and some of them might surprise you.

1.      Seoul South Korea

It is known to be one of the leading Asian fashion hubs and is officially the birthplace of k-fashion. The Seoul fashion week has brought to life a couple of amazing designers who have been in a position of showcasing their collection. It is the place you get to see some of the cool fashion styles that should be in the plan.

2.      Los Angeles California

Los Angeles has become a top fashion city, thanks to Hollywood and the many fashion events happening throughout the year. Starts dress to kill for the red carpet shows, and that is the moment one can see some of the incredible designs and know the trending fashion. With the many celebrity bloggers, influencers and local designers, there are many styles one can get.

3.      Paris France

In 2015, Paris became the top fashion city in the world, overthrowing New York, and has been holding the post ever since. It is the place with some of the best designers in the world, including Christian Dior, Coco Chanel and many more. It is the birthplace of couture, and there is a lot to learn and a good place with an incredible vibe of fashion.

4.      New York City

New York is among the big four fashion city in the world, and that is the place where the designers are and hosts a lot of design schools. With the New York fashion week that is held in February and September every year, there are a lot of styles unveiled always, and you can get to know some of the trends that should be part of your style in the next season.

5.      London

When you hear about London, the first big designer who comes to mind is Alexander McQueen, which means that the style is best defined by exquisite tailoring. The city has been creative when it comes to fashion, and there are also a couple of fashion schools, which means that one might lose count. Also, because of the London Fashion Week, people have the opportunity to see some incredible designs during the show.

6.      Milan

Milan fashion week is one of the largest fashion events in the world, which is a representation that the city has an influence when it comes to fashion. It is the place with Gucci, Prada, Dolce, and Gabbana, and if you have seen any of these designs, then one knows the designers in Milan do not play. Like any other fashion city, Milan also has a couple of design schools, and you never know which designer might surprise you when taking the lessons.

7.      Tokyo

Tokyo gets points in fashion due to the quirkiest street style presented. You will see gothic styles, punk, ultra feminine and you will also see some of the latest streetwear which could inspire your next outfit. The Tokyo fashion week attracts a lot of designers and other professionals in the industry.

8.      Copenhagen

It is the city where the Nordic bohemian movement has taken root, and their idea is that whatever people own must be valuable. Their cultural secret is happiness even when it comes to dressing. It means that you can see some inspirations from what people are wearing as long as they are happy in the outfit.

9.      Hong Kong

It is a city that is stepping up the fashion credentials knowing that people in the region are craving for all types of styles and can provide information to you always.

10. Nairobi

Yes, you read the right thing! Kenya’s capital has a couple of emerging designers who have some pretty dope ideas that are being showcased in various fashion events. The fast-evolving street fashion and other designs are coming to life with a lot of creators trying to make something unique. With designers like John Kaveke whose collection has showcased during New York Fashion Week, there is a lot that Nairobi has to offer when it comes to fashion.